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      Who/what is instarent and is it right for me?

      We are Australia’s number one self-managing property app that’s designed for people who wish to manage their own property, cutting out those unwanted agent fees and streamline the entire process. Our service is completely electronic, which saves time, money and allows you to manage your property anywhere around the world

      How do I list my property on Instarent?

      Simply create an account and follow our how-to video here.

      Do you provide EOFY reports?

      Absolutely! We will help you track your income and expenditure, and to make things easier at tax time we can then generate a report to give straight to your accountant. It’s really that simple.

      How is rent collected?

      We give you the freedom of choosing how you’d like to pay rent. We offer automatic direct debit or manual EFT payments, as well as the option to use Ezypay.

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      How much does it cost?

      To become a part of our Instarent family, our service fee is just $19.99 a month and just add an extra $9.99 if you would like to add an additional property to your account. 

      If you decide to co-list your property there is a fee of $239.00

      Each rent collection and disbursement fee is $0.99 cents per transaction, charged to the landlord.
      In the case that the tenant pays with credit card, tenant pays a credit card transaction fee, and the  landlord does not get charged.

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      Are there any fees for preparing leases or lease renewals?
      No, not at all. At Instarent, we allow you to take charge of your leasing process and therefore you create the lease agreement and handle all the renewal fees yourself.
      How do you deal with arrears or other tenant problems?

      At Instarent we are here to support you. We help you find a good tenant by generating background checks on all tenants, to give you peace of mind and to help avoid troublesome tenants.

      Our platform automatically tracks arrears and will notify you when tenants are falling behind. We have found tenants are less likely to fall behind if they are constantly being reminded of their arrears. We also automatically contact tenants by email and SMS and we follow up continuously to ensure that you get paid.

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      How do I switch over?
      For self- managing landlords

      Download our app

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      1. Add your property to the platform

      2. Create a new lease or upload your existing lease

      3. Invite your tenant to sign up 

      4. Set up a direct debit

      It really is that easy!

      From an agent
      The process is the same, however you will need your agent to do a handover. Including, ( lease, keys, condition report, and any other data they may have relating to your tenant.)
      At tribunals, we always have a complete paper trail, so we can prove our compliance on your behalf.
      Are there templates available within Instarent?
      Yes, of course! Instarent has digital templates for tenancy agreements and condition reports available for every state and territory within Australia.
      Can I get a background check on a potential tenant?

      Yes, Instarent has partnered with Equifax, a credit reporting agency, who give landlords the option to purchase a complete tenancy check for just $25.

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      Can I add repairs into Instarent?
      Yes, Instarent gives landlords a section to add and save any repairs done on their property for record keeping. Also, Instarent has verified tradies available for landlords if they don’t have their own.
      Is instarent tax deductible?
      Is instarent tax deductible?
      Yes. The property management fees are tax deductible.
      Can I add expenses/utilities that the tenant is expected to pay?
      Yes, Instarent allows landlords to add expenses/utilities and request a reimbursement amount from the tenant. This will populate an expense that is due to be paid within the tenant’s “upcoming” section.